On Leadership and The Real Happy Happy

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I sing the “Happy” song (see the attached video.) I drank the Kool-Aid. I’m clapping along. Happy, happy, happy, happy……Clap along! I am sitting around the campfire singing Kumbayah. I am every happy cliché in the book. 

And that’s okay with me because I believe that creating happiness in the workplace is the key to performance, productivity, and bottom-line impact.

The Real Happy Happy

The kind of happiness I’m referring to isn’t just about cool office spaces, free food, or nap rooms at work.  It’s about why organizations are using these tactics and why they work.

Surveys and studies have shown that one of the top reasons people leave their jobs is because they were not motivated, challenged, or given opportunities for growth.

  • People want to work hard and realize the benefits of doing a good job.
  • They want to feel good about their work.
  • They want to be happy.

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